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Contacts on car website

Telephone number

We would like to advice you to always place your contacting telephone number at the right top of all your website's pages. This is due to a common habit of users of different commercial websites to see the contacting telephone number at this very spot. So do not let people worry and join this tradition.


For the convenience of your customers, you always have to let people know about your w...

Lead capture pages for an auto dealership

When speaking about another features of websites for an auto dealership, we have to mention relevant lead capture pages. This aspect is seemed to be of more importance for dealers who have a range of versatile car for sale. To make your website more convenient for users, you have to divide the cars in your stock into different categories and subcategories instead of listing them in bulk.

SEO advantages

There is a good new...

Adaptive Web Design For Car Dealers

Why is adaptive design so crucial?

As the aforementioned figures have shown, more than 60% of users of automotive websites viewing them through their portable appliances, and that enables you to make this service working properly for your clients. The website, which is incompatible with mobile devices will cause users many inconveniences and will not provide the very same ease of use and functionality that one may enjoy sitting in ...

Signs of a typical customer who orders a website

For over sixteen years, we have been working on the market of development of websites, online stores, and service platforms; and by this time, we have already figured out the signs of a typical customer who orders a website. This is a collective image, which incorporates all typical mistakes of the customers ordering websites, and I hope I will be able to bring new information to new customers and help them stay away from these mistakes.


10 Tips and Tricks on How to Order a Website

Today every third, if not every second, thinks about his or her own website, the website for his or her company, for selling his or her services, and so on. And sooner or later, many people may decide to order a website.

And that is the point when a PROBLE-EEEM, HU-UUUGE PROBLE-EEEM begins. However, it is unapparent during the initial phases of the process and usually revealed at the latest stages of work.

Thus, dear custom...

Reasons Why One Should Restrain from Ordering a Cheap Website

The desire to obtain maximum benefits with minimal financial investment is quite natural for any sane person.

And another quite natural desire is to earn.

Nowadays, almost everywhere you can find advertisements from different doubtful firms, freelancers, schoolchildren that grant "quick and cheap" website development.

Penny wise and pound foolish?

To get your website for $ 50-100, to take your business into ...

10 Tips of How to Improve Your Online Store

You have probably read or heard everything I am going to tell you right now. I just want to repeat once more very important things that owners of the website for some reason tend to forget.

So, the first five tips the online store owners should know:

  1. The website is promoted by its content. If you want to do something really useful for your website - fill it with high-quality, unique, and interesting texts. Not o...

Web Design: Key Tips for Creating a Website

If you want to create a successful website, it needs to please the customer. The website design is very important. The website should not irritate, and it should contain information the customer is searching for. At the same time, this information is to be presented in a simple and comprehensible way.

The visitor will not waste time finding prices for your products or an address of your enterprise amongst flashing banners on the cuttin...

Several Pieces of Bad Advice for Opening a New Online Store (Page 2 of 2)

February 29, 2016 | Tagged: seo, facebook, discounts, adwords, warehouse

Continued from Page 1

Advice that you should never use when you start your online store.

  1. Immediately create a group in Facebook. For solidity, pay competent people - let them drive together a few thousand users into the thread. Add posts to that group with periodicity of for at least one post per hour. Alternate photos of products with photos of pretty kittens and you will be on the brink of big s...

Several Pieces of Bad Advice for Opening a New Online Store

February 15, 2016 | Tagged: seo, cost, sales, colors, banners, upsell, payments, delivery

Advice that you should never use when you start your online store.

  1. First, you need to create a great expensive website. Elaborate the concept of the website. Give this enough time. Immediately consider and implement all possible titbits for sales. Creating a good website takes at least six months and should cost at least $30 000. If you got faster or cheaper - you are obviously doing something wrong.
  2. Sell w...

Four Common SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Mistakes

February 01, 2016 | Tagged: seo, sales

SEO is raising the amount of visitors coming to your website from search engines, i.e. from Google etc.

  1. Expecting that users will come to your website without any SEO.

    Visitors come to your website when they see it at the top of search engine results. However, it is nearly impossible to rank among the top search results without additional effort, such as SEO.
  2. Continuing to invest money in SEO wh...

Five Reasons to Redesign Your Website

January 18, 2016 | Tagged: design, marketing, usability, conversion
  1. When a visitor accesses a website, he often is unable to determine if the website's owner is trust worthy and competent. For example, in the case of real estate websites, a visitor does not personally know the real estate agent featured on the website, and therefore cannot verify his or her level of professionalism. Due to this, the visitor can only use the website's content and design to decide whether or not he wants to become a custo...
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