Reasons Why One Should Restrain from Ordering a Cheap Website

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Reasons Why One Should Restrain from Ordering a Cheap Website

The desire to obtain maximum benefits with minimal financial investment is quite natural for any sane person.

And another quite natural desire is to earn.

Nowadays, almost everywhere you can find advertisements from different doubtful firms, freelancers, schoolchildren that grant "quick and cheap" website development.

Penny wise and pound foolish?

To get your website for $ 50-100, to take your business into the Internet, to become a top blogger and just a respected man - what more could one need to be happy?

Especially when you see such a ridiculous price and understand that a developer is supposed to be an altruistic and just good-hearted person, who is willing to work almost for food for the sake of your well-being.

And then, when you have already picked up the phone, opened your mailbox or prepared in any other way to communicate with the contractor - remember the popular adage about the probability of existence of a free lunch. Penny wise and pound foolish - will do as well. If you can refresh in memory any other folklore gems on this subject, it would be great!

The decision to buy "cheap and cheerful" is not always justified. This is especially true when speaking of IT-sector in common and about the development of websites in particular. What pitfalls wait for you when buying a cheap website.

Template design

It is absurd to rely on fundamental design work with a small budget for the entire project. Most likely, you will become a lucky owner of a typical website with free page skin template. With some touch of luck, the cost for such a template could constitute $5-10. You may ask whether there is something bad with that. Well, there is really nothing bad, apart from the point that such sites account for millions, they are not found by search engines, and represent no interest to anybody but its owners. Most probably, the efficiency of such a website will be drifting within the zero point.

Technical support

It is not unlikely that you may encounter problems with the website functioning, which the firm-contractor would not be able to clearly explain or fix. This is quite expected, since the website is designed with the help of a constructor, while the developers have no idea about the internal component of separate parts from which it is assembled.

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