Four Common SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Mistakes

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Four Common SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Mistakes

February 01, 2016 | Tagged: seo, sales

SEO is raising the amount of visitors coming to your website from search engines, i.e. from Google etc.

  1. Expecting that users will come to your website without any SEO.

    Visitors come to your website when they see it at the top of search engine results. However, it is nearly impossible to rank among the top search results without additional effort, such as SEO.
  2. Continuing to invest money in SEO while your website produces no sales.

    If your website has attracted 1,000 unique visitors but has produced zero sales, then it is time to consider why these 1,000 users did not become customers. Only once you pinpoint the reason(s) and fix the issue(s) should you once again focus on increasing your number of visitors.
  3. Expecting immediate results.

    If your current SEO has been in place for at least one month and has not garnered any results, do not scrap all of your work. Individuals who are experienced in search engine optimization find that three to four months is the average waiting period before you see the results of your SEO efforts.
  4. Trying to utilize SEO without requisite knowledge.

    Some website owners are putting too much effort into SEO without having any working knowledge of search engine optimization. The result could be the opposite of what was intended - search engines rank their websites even lower than before.
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