Contacts on car website

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Contacts on car website

Telephone number

We would like to advice you to always place your contacting telephone number at the right top of all your website's pages. This is due to a common habit of users of different commercial websites to see the contacting telephone number at this very spot. So do not let people worry and join this tradition.


For the convenience of your customers, you always have to let people know about your whereabouts. Whenever they encounter any vehicle they would like to acquire, they would have a desire to test that car, and for their planning their route, they have to know your exact address. We try to control our dealerships to ensure that they have placed their whereabouts in the right place, but just to be on the safe side, it would be not excessive, if they display their location with the help of a Google Map service.

Hours of service

One more important feature that may be useful for every car dealer center is displaying their hours of service with exact time of opening and closing. This would facilitate to a great deal your potential clients planning their visit to your car dealer center. The majority of people do not like to call to check out your operating hours, thus, you have to provide them with this information to prevent their coming to someone else.

Electronic address or fill-out form

Some people do not prefer to phone or by any other reason they may also need to send you an information or simply contact you by means of an electronic letter. For them, you should always have your e-mail address or a special fill-out form posted on your website, so that they can simply fill it in to be in touch with you.

Fill-out forms under any car

Whenever visitors find a vehicle that they like, they would have a simple way of contacting your car dealer center. Not all of the customers prefer calling, there are many people more prone to mailing. Perhaps, it looks rather obvious, but there should be a fill-out form under any vehicle sale advertisement for easy contacting. This will facilitate the way customers may interrelate with your center, whenever they have questions on any matter concerning the particular car. After all the matters are cleared up, the customers may come to take a closer look on the car they have once chosen.

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