Web Design: Key Tips for Creating a Website

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Web Design: Key Tips for Creating a Website

If you want to create a successful website, it needs to please the customer. The website design is very important. The website should not irritate, and it should contain information the customer is searching for. At the same time, this information is to be presented in a simple and comprehensible way.

The visitor will not waste time finding prices for your products or an address of your enterprise amongst flashing banners on the cutting eyes background. A customer simply closes the website. Money spent on development and promotion of the website will be wasted in vain. At the same time, you will join the ranks of sceptics who consider the Internet an expensive and frivolous fun. Instead of increasing profit of your business by means of it.

If you are wondering how to create a good website with a good design, this set of tips will be certainly useful for you.

  1. The website design is a means, but not a goal. The visitor comes for information. He should not need to seek it amongst elements of your design. The site design should not distract from the content, it serves to highlighting basic information, bringing the information into a comprehensible and readable condition. In most cases, it is not only ineffective to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes it gives an opposite effect. Consider why programs for Windows are very similar to each other.
  2. Create a website based on a simple and intuitive navigation system. A customer must clearly understand what page he or she opens when clicks on a link on your website. He or she should be aware of his or her whereabouts and know ways of how to navigate away from this page. The customer should not and will not sort out too eccentric website navigation. Unless absolutely necessary, it is not recommended to use drop-down menus, folded lists, and something of that kind in the site design. Moreover, the search engines do not always adequately apprehend such designs.
  3. Correct text formatting is very important. According to some research works, visitors find it difficult to read the fine print, even though it looks prettier on the page. Use numbered lists, break the text into small paragraphs. Do not try to give visitors all the information at once. Invent interesting and succinct headings, try to insert keywords, which is rather important for the website promotion.
  4. Links are to stand out and it is preferable to make them textual. If the text is a link, it should be intuitively clear. The link is to be marked with a different colour and preferably underlined. Textual links are much better indexed by search engines, unlike graphical ones. While designing a website, the right combination of graphical and textual links will provide a better understanding of the site.
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