Signs of a typical customer who orders a website

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Signs of a typical customer who orders a website

For over sixteen years, we have been working on the market of development of websites, online stores, and service platforms; and by this time, we have already figured out the signs of a typical customer who orders a website. This is a collective image, which incorporates all typical mistakes of the customers ordering websites, and I hope I will be able to bring new information to new customers and help them stay away from these mistakes.

A website is needed / I want a website.

In 100 cases out of 100, this is the first thing we hear from a customer at the meeting (in principle, everything is logical). Nevertheless, the majority of customers, unfortunately, do not go far beyond this justification of WHY they need to have a website. Because others have their own website while we do not have. This is the most common argument.

When ordering a website, one should have a clear understanding of the reason WHY.

Most of the time, a website is created in order to SELL - either a particular product or a brand and philosophy of the company. However, here exists a fundamental difference between these two variants. In order to sell a particular product, one needs a small landing page - a one-page website - which is actively promoted for a fee in search engines and social networks. Ideally chosen time and the concept of representation of a particular new product can give explosive sales, which are actually the main goal. The second variant - the company page - includes proper presentation of information about the experience, principles of work, and the company's philosophy. In this case, one needs a fully fledged website with main sections, as well as a long struggle - almost a real siege - in search engines to take a rightful position at the respective needs.

The design of a website.

The most common phrase about the design of a website that we hear sounds like, "It must be a classic design, but everything should be bright and creative!"

Oh, my goodness!!! How can one compare something delicious and sweet with something soft and fluffy?! All these objects come from different categories of perception. It may go either this way or that way - all the rest will be trivial nonsense!

With sixteen years of experience in the field of design and creation of websites, we, of course, will try to understand you intuitively, but it would be better if you provide us with accurate PO (performance objective) concerning the matter of what you need.

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