Lead capture pages for an auto dealership

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Lead capture pages for an auto dealership

When speaking about another features of websites for an auto dealership, we have to mention relevant lead capture pages. This aspect is seemed to be of more importance for dealers who have a range of versatile car for sale. To make your website more convenient for users, you have to divide the cars in your stock into different categories and subcategories instead of listing them in bulk.

SEO advantages

There is a good news! Each specific lead capture page possesses some extraordinary SEO advantages. To be honest, SEO advantages have the same importance that convenience that a user enjoys. And in some cases, they are even more valued. For instance, let us take a closer look at the example with Mercedeses, Renaults and Mitsubishis. If you have a number of these cars for sale, you would like to be ranked top at the local searches for each one of these car brands. For instance, if your car dealer center is located in Chicago, you would like to be ranked top in particular search topics (including some other variations of these search topics). They are:

  • Mercedeses for Sale Chicago
  • Renaults for Sale Chicago
  • Mitsubishis for Sale Chicago

If you have created lead capture pages for every car make with essential tags under each of them, which correspond with the proper search topics, then you cardinally expand your chances to be ranked top of the corresponding search topics.

Unfortunately, too many car dealer centers make two of the following mistakes:

  • They just have no corresponding lead capture pages

    Due to this mistake, the car dealers lose so many traffic from the aforementioned search topics. That makes us feel upset, since this a substantial drawback, which can be so simply cured. Thus we enforce all our customers from car dealerships to make specific lead capture pages at the proper places.

  • They just have wrong tags under the right lead capture pages

    It is incredible, but the number of dealers that have wrong tags under the proper lead capture pages is really huge. And as a consequence, they are dropped out from traffic of the search engines. There is a more detailed manual, which we have written on the matter of meta tags. In a few words, we can say that if you sell used Mercedeses in Staffordshire and have a lead capture page, then the title tag under this lead capture page should be as follows: 'Used Mercedeses Cars for Sale Staffordshire'. There are three COMPULSORY topics that a tag should include IN ANY CASE: the manufacturer, the state of a car (new or used), and, of course, its location!

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