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16 years of website design and development
We developed the leading car parts & accessories websites in Ukraine and boasted the most Internet users in automotive industry within the country. Web sites developed by us help car owners to find supplies or accessories for their cars. They are easy to use and allow car parts to be chosen by make, model, specs, price, etc.

HandmadeSoft helps you with all the aspects needed to create an appropriate car website, which would work well and could draw in new customers to your company.

Car parts & Accessories

Nowadays, a large number of auto dealers have sites, which functionality leaves much to be desired, or, on the other hand, have an overdone sites, which are really hard to navigate. Frequently one can encounter dealers’ sites that are filled with useless articles and information that is out of date. And that may lead to overall serious problems.

Below you can find some functions of websites developed by us, which helps advance our customers' auto dealer sites to new horizons.

Adaptive Web Design

At the present time, the adaptive design becomes crucial thing for every website. The overwhelming majority of people are reviewing the web via their portable appliances, and that is why it is now very important that your website would be compatible with notebooks and mobile phones. At this site, not so long ago, we have scrutinized all the websites of our car dealers, and we have found out that approximately 63% of users browse these web websites with the help of their notebooks and smartphones. That means that these users should not be left without your care, and you are just obliged to make your website functioning properly on these portable devices.

Essential content

After you have made your website mobile-friendly, suiting customers that use all possible modern means of communication, you have to think about the content, which has to correspond with the destination of your car dealer center. Whenever people visit your website, they should not encounter any problems finding your contact details, for them to get in touch with your center.

More convenient for viewing

In case you have Mercedeses, Renaults, and Mitsubishis for sale, it would be useful for you to create a separate lead capture page for each of these car brands. In this case, your customers would have a chance to view a brand they prefer best. Experience of your customer is crucial, so make sure they can browse your car stock conveniently. And this will make you look more professional in the eyes of your clients. In the same way, you can create different lead capture pages for new and used cars. This would allow people to find what they are after in a more pleasant and convenient way.

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